The Coast Studio x Lagoon

The Coast Studio x Lagoon

November 11, 2016

All things Lagoon

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Today we’re chatting with Leah Yahyavi, the creator of one of our favourite overseas coastal apparel brands, Lagoon Designs. Much like TCS, Leah froths the inspiration that the ocean offers. LD really is “Inspired by the Sea, made by the sea.” Born in California, LD aim to use their clothing as a way to inspire individuals to recognise their impact on the oceans and our planet. Further, their products are even made and shipped with recyclable and biodegradable materials, contributing to sustainable consumerism. Now that’s something to smile about! Sit back and relax as Leah tells us all about Lagoon Designs.​

THE COAST STUDIO: What’s up Leah! Stoked to have you here at TCS. Let’s start the interview off with a bang. Tell us your all time favourite musician/band, what’s your favourite colour, and what’s your favourite fruit?

LAGOON DESIGNS: Jungle & Matt Corby! Favourite colour BLUE and my favourite fruit probably has to be peaches or pineapple :)

TCS: So tell us about Lagoon Designs. What made you want to start your own apparel range and how’s it been going so far? You’re still pretty new to the scene right?

LD: Yes, we are still pretty new to the scene. We just had our 1 year anniversary in July! It is exciting to see how Lagoon grows everyday. Lagoon began a few years ago. I took up a summer project of screen printing in my garage and I was printing some of my artwork onto cotton totes, blank tees and anything I could find just for fun. I had an ETSY shop for about 6 months under a different name and then Lagoon Designs was born. Our tees are lightweight, soft fabrication and have simple unique sea inspired designs.

TCS: Talk us through your product range. What’s on offer for all the coastal lovers out there?

LD: Lagoon Design's style is an old school California classic with a modern twist. We're excited to announce that this winter (Aus Summer) we're designing sundresses, shorts and two styles of men's board shorts. We'll test the waters with these next US Summer.

TCS: Much like us, you seem to value the idea of supporting the little guy. Why do you think shopping local is important nowadays?

LD: Personally, it's so important to me and I hope that I channel that through Lagoon Designs. When you walk into a department store you lose that sense of identity of a brand and their message to the world. Shopping small helps the little guys out, the dreamers, artists, and incredibly talented craft makers. Who wouldn't want a one of a kind item that was carefully constructed? Lagoon supports affordable, durable and earth friendly goods. 


TCS: We’ve gotta commend you on the environmentally sustainable measures you guys have been taking as well! Do you think this is the way of the future for fashion and consumerism?

LD: YES! We are seeing a lot of companies changing their business habits already and it's amazing! It is the change we need and for those thinking about starting a business, you should seriously consider earth friendly methods. It's worth it!

TCS: What’s Lagoon Design’s relationship like with the ocean?

LD: Very personal. The ocean is inside all of us. Advocating it's vitality, energy and beauty is really important to us.

TCS: Where do you see Lagoon Designs taking you? What’s next for LD?

LD: What's next? Expanding our product range with eco swimwear and constantly evolving our methods to reduce our footprint.

TCS: I imagine California would be a huge breeding ground for like minded creatives. How has living where you do helped LD?

LD: Competition is tough, but growing up in Southern California has defined who I am and also Lagoon.

TCS: Lastly here’s a tough one, if we were to interview you again in 10 years, where will you be living, what will you be doing and who will you be doing it with?

LD: This is a toughy. Probably still in California with my lover and working on projects that support sustainable methods. That is something that deeply resonates with me and leaving a bright future for generations to come!

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