EST. 2014
Lagoon designs is a lifestyle brand, inspired by the sea. Our brand ranges from graphic tees, to beach wear and swimwear.
When and why did you open your business? How did you start your business?
Lagoon has become my full time job, yet I didn’t intend on it to be. I had just returned from a semester abroad. I came up with the idea to screen print my art as a summer project. I have always loved creating and designing. I was 19 at the time and my summer was filled with long beach days, art, playing with paint and screen printing in my garage. I had a single color press and it was FUN. I even remember not having a dark room so I would coat screens late at night and wake up super early before the sun was up to expose them. I was screen printing on paper, tees and cotton totes. I began selling on Etsy and then the following summer launched a website and our first collection of graphic tees. I was also into sewing, which led to designing and launching our first swimwear pieces later in the year. 
What kind of material do you prefer to use for your products? 
Our tees are printed with Eco friendly water based inks. Our swimwear is made from Econyl, is a fiber that is made from 100% from post-consumer materials. (Recycled Fishing nets) We also use a variety of fabrics designed by girl boss graphic designers & up-cycled fabrics. 
How would you describe the style of your products?
Our style is very laid back but also had a sporty feel. Our swimwear is designed for that day you go hiking or workout but then also jump in that waterfall or go out for a paddle. For the girl who is adventurous, a sun seeker and addicted to the water. 
What's the most rewarding aspect of your business?
Seeing someone in Lagoon. Seeing my creations out in the world is probably the best feeling. I made that, I sewed that suit. They are out there rocking it, across the world. It never really gets old. 
What's the most challenging aspect of your business? How do you try and overcome this challenge?
Letting go, being a one women show has made me realize that if I want to grow I need to let go. That I really can’t do it all. Doing events & pop up shops has definitely pushed me to let others help Lagoon grow. 
What inspires your designs?
What has inspired me from the beginning is the culture around the ocean. Whether it be Southern California, Hawaii or any coastal town really, we all share the same appreciation for the sea and that is something that makes me always want to create. 
Do you design and also make your products?
I do design everything. I also hand sew all swimwear and screen-print all tees. I am working on not doing everything myself so I personally won’t be doing all tees and beach wear forever but just designing. 
How did you learn to make your products?
I learned how to screen print in college and a lot of what I make has been self taught. You can learn anything on the internet! :)
What makes you get up every day and keep doing this?
That I get to do what I love and have the freedom of working for myself!
Lagoon is independently run, meaning that I read all your emails, sew all swimwear, screen print tees and I am thankful for each and everyone of you! Lagoon started in my garage as a summer project of creating, playing with inks and screen-printing pineapples. I guess you could say I've always had a wanderlust for tropical vibes. I love being inspired by adventure and the sea.
 Thankful for all you gorgeous women out there rocking Lagoon. Fulfilling your need to adventure and explore this beautiful world.
For the sun seeker, adventurer and water babe


Leah Yahyavi
Size Chart


S- 34"-37" chest to fit
M- 38"-41" chest to fit
L- 42"-45" chest to fit






S-  A/B cup

M- C cup

L- D cup


S- 0-2

M- 3-5

L- 6-8

*Custom suits may be made, please email us!