January 21, 2020


By definition sustainability means to avoid depletion of natural resources to maintain ecological balance for future generations. 

How do we maintain sustainability as a business and as a consumer? 

As a business it means to close the loop and use better practices. We believe it’s really important to challenge businesses to do better, us included. It can seem that the world is a scary place with pollution statistics. But we can make a difference with small actionable steps. As a consumer it could be to consume less, shop second hand or support small businesses that uplift your local community. Every dollar spent is a vote towards the kind of world we want to live in.

What makes Lagoon Sustainable?

Our practices include creating in small batches and made to order. Which allows us to have very little to no waste with production. Our solid color fabrics are made from Econyl which is regenerated nylon made from recycled ocean plastics. Our printed fabrics are made to order which minimizes waste by only printing what we need. We have no dead stock fabric! The printing process uses pigment printing instead of reactive dye. Which saves water and energy! We have been making the transition to have all of our shipping materials biodegradable/ recycled as well. We are always playing with new fabrics, up-cycled fabrics, recycled fabrics and will be introducing a new biodegradable material this summer.

All suits are made/ cut and sewn in one place too! Which minimizes our carbon footprint and using additional resources.

++ They are all made by owner/ designer Leah

The best we can do is question our actions and constantly be evolving as a brand.

If you have suggestions, comments or questions about sustainability we’d love to hear from you.

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Size Chart


XSMALL: 00 fits waist 22-24 inches... Hips 30-31 inches 

SMALL: 0-2 fits waist 24-26 inches... Hips 32-33 inches 

MEDIUM: 4-6 waist 28-30 inches... Hips 34-35 inches 

LARGE: 8-10 waist 30-32 inches... Hips 36-38 inches 

XL: 12-14 waist 32-34 inches... Hips 38-41 inches 

XXL: 16-18 waist 


X-Small fits cup: AA-A

Small fits cup: A-B

Medium fits cup: C

Large fits cup: D-DD

XL fits cups: DDD+

XXL: E/F cups


International sizing converter: 


*Custom suits may be made, please email us!